Strategic Directioning
Strategic Directioning

ONAC Strategy 2023-2027

Here you can find the result of the joint work of the ONAC team with its stakeholders of the Board of Directors, for the definition of the Strategic Planning for the next five years:

Our Higher Purpose

ONAC’s Higher Purpose is the statement through which it expresses the raison d’être of the organization and the elements of inspiration and cohesion for its work team and its work, becoming an enabler of mobilization:

<< Promote confidence in the quality, safety and sustainability of the country’s productive sector, contributing to competitiveness at national and international level>>


The quantification of the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), which includes the main challenges of the organization by 2027, will be measured through the following indicator.

We want 90%* of our clients to recognize ONAC as a partner and differentiating factor in their

*Percentage to be measured according to the service satisfaction survey.

Our Strategic Pillars

The defined BHAG will be achieved through work focused on the following pillars, which in turn support the Higher Purpose we have defined.

Our Mission Statement

ONAC accredits the competence of conformity assessment bodies and acts as a monitoring authority in Good Laboratory Practices – GPL, in a timely, competent, impartial and consistent manner, generating confidence and promoting quality, competitiveness and innovation in the market.

Our Corporate Values

The values and desired behaviors within the organizational culture were also aligned to be oriented to the fulfillment of the new strategy. Consequently, it was established that to break paradigms, in our work team we have people who are:

  •  Committed, that is, we are loyal to ONAC, we fulfill our duties with timeliness and quality, we assume the consequences of what we do and we give more than what is expected of us.
  • Helpful, our clients are the most important for us, we are ready to meet their needs and we do it with interest, joy and the best disposition.
  • Honest, because we act correctly, in a transparent manner, guaranteeing that our actions are impartial and in good faith, and that they are governed by rules and regulations.
  •  Respectful, by recognizing, appreciating and valuing the diversity, rights and needs of each individual, the social environment and the natu


Our Integrated Management Policy

At ONAC we are committed to building trust in accreditation, based on independence and impartiality, a high level of technical competence, risk management, management continuity in the provision of services and continuous improvement of its management system, to meet the expectations of our stakeholders; and to act with social responsibility and contribute to the consolidation of the National Quality Subsystem (Subsistema Nacional de la Calidad – SICAL)


ONAC’s senior management, in line with the strategic pillars defined, has established the following commitments in its management system:

  •        To provide accreditation services with quality and timeliness.
  •         Maintain and improve the technical competence of personnel, supported by knowledge management.
  •         Eliminate or mitigate risks related to activities and processes.
  •         Assure continuity in the provision of accreditation services.
  •         Protect the confidentiality and integrity of clients and stakeholders’ information.
  •         Guarantee the availability of information technology services related to accreditation activities.
  •         Comply with legal, regulatory and normative requirements related to accreditation services, information security and continuity.
  •         Improve the technological infrastructure to support the processes of the management system.



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