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Driver Recognition Centers.

Accreditation of Driver Recognition Centers.

The National Government, through the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of National Defense – Sub directorate of Military Health, has established the regulatory requirements for the development of conformity assessment activities through private or public organizations. These evaluation activities, in the case of Driver Recognition Centers and Specialized Institutions, have been considered in the scope of the Certification of Persons, under the requirements of NTC ISO/IEC 17024: 2013 (ISO/IEC 17024:2012), Resolutions 0217 of 2014 and 5228 of 2016 of the Ministry of Transport and Resolution 2984 of 2007 of the Ministry of Defense, respectively.

Ana Carolina
Gómez Parra
Sectoral Coordinator for Driver Testing Centers

Industrial Engineer from Catolica University of Colombia.

Specialist in Quality Management. America University Foundation.

Specific training on ISO/IEC 17024:2012 General requirements for bodies performing certification of persons, ISO/IEC 17065:2012 and ISO/IEC 17067: 2012 Standards, Auditor in Integrated Management Systems NTC ISO 9001:2015: NTC ISO 14001:2015 and NTC ISO 45000:2018 and design and construction of risk matrices.

Experience in conformity assessment from the administrative management of accreditation processes.

Linked to ONAC since 2017 as sector support professional in the Coordination of Automotive Diagnostic Centers and Sectoral Coordinator  since 2019.

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The accreditation of the Driver Recognition Centers – CRC, allows them to demonstrate their competence and impartiality, as conformity assessment bodies, to certify the physical, mental and motor coordination aptitude for drivers of motor vehicles. They also perform the certification of psychophysical aptitude of natural persons for possession and/or carrying of weapons, based on the technical, legal and regulatory requirements in order to generate confidence to users of the service.


Physical, Mental and Motor Coordination Aptitude to obtain for the first time, recategorize and/or reaffirm the driver’s license. Resolution 0217 of January 31, 2014 and/or Resolution 5228 of December 14, 2016 – Ministry of Transportation.

Psychophysical Aptitude to obtain a permit for the Possession and Carrying of Firearms. Resolution 2984 of July 27, 2007 – Ministry of National Defense.

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