Research and Development

Research and Development

The area of Research and Development of ONAC seeks to provide the market with tools that provide added value to the activities of conformity assessment, through the development of new services, which seeks constant change in environmental, socio-economic and social environments. The result is confidence in the quality and improvement of the competence of the Conformity Assessment Bodies, which in turn contribute substantially to the development, competitiveness, and therefore to the economic recovery of Colombia in such a crucial time as the one we are living in.

Stages of Development of New ONAC Accreditation Services

The process of developing new services at ONAC covers four stages in order to ensure that these developments sufficiently and concretely cover the needs of the market, with the opinion of key players in the chain of trust.

Identification of

We conducted three surveys according to the identified audiences, in order to know and collect information about new needs for accreditation services development

Suitability study and evaluation

We investigate the requirements of the service to be developed, the process of accreditation of the requirements, the associated costs and evaluate the suitability of the service, which aims to define if it can be accredited

Prioritization of development

We prioritize the needs of accreditation services, on a semi-annual basis, taking into account the needs of the country and the voluntary market


We prepare the Service Development Plan, which establishes the order of service development. Without neglecting new requests and needs that are identified throughout the year

Latest Developments

World Anti-Doping Agency – WADA- is the World Anti-Doping Agency

Accreditation for testing laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025) performing anti-doping tests under WADA rules.

At world level, there are different international organizations that develop standards in very specific sectors, under consensus among several countries in order to harmonize the guidelines of these standards to ensure their adequate implementation.

ONAC, as part of its commitment to meet the needs imposed by the market, is constantly seeking to incorporate new schemes and services that are in tune with these needs. Such is the case of WADA, as presented below:

Sustainability Line

The Sustainability Focused Services line is comprised of a set of regulatory schemes that address market needs for green goods and services.

Validating and Verifyingand Verifiers of Greenhouse Greenhouse Gases


Certification under the Chain of Custody Chain of Custody Scheme




Certification of the Energy Management System

ISO 50001

Other Accreditation Services

The accreditation schemes provided by ONAC support the declaration it makes, as an accrediting body, regarding the competence of the Conformity Assessment Bodies to perform their activities in accordance with international assessment standards in globally recognized fields.

Occupational Health and Safety and Health Management System

ISO 45001

Anti-bribery Management Systems

ISO 37001

Food Safety Management Systems

FSSC 22000

Management Systems for Private Security Operations

ISO 18788

Asset Management System

ISO 55001:2014

Road Safety Management Systems

ISO 39001


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