Accreditation of Validation and Verification Bodies
Normative Reference
ISO/IEC 17029:2019
Conformity assessment — General principles and requirements for validation and verification bodies
Accredited Organizations
OVV Accreditation of Validation and Verification Bodies.

Accreditation of Validation and Verification Bodies.

If you are a body performing conformity assessment activities on claims related to greenhouse gas emissions, environmental labeling, product claims and footprints, sustainability or environmental reporting, this service is for you.

If you are exploring potential applications for validation and verification of related claims in other fields such as building technologies, energy management, financial management, software engineering, artificial intelligence, information technologies, safety and design engineering, and social responsibility, among others, this service could be of interest to you.

Olga Alicia
Puentes Valero
Sectoral Coordinator Certifications

Chemical Engineer from America University
Master in Quality and Integral Management – Santo Tomas University – ICONTEC

Linked to ONAC since January 2009, holding the following positions and roles:

  • ISO/IEC 17024 Lead Assessor
  • ISO/IEC 17011 Peer Reviewer
  • Accreditation Services Coordinator – ONAC
  • Sectoral Coordinator of Certifying Bodies of Persons and CRC – ONAC
  • Sectoral Coordinator for Certification Bodies (Management Systems, Product / Processes / Services, Persons, and Greenhouse Gas Verification / Validation Bodies).
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Validation and verification, as conformity assessment activities, are a confirmation of the reliability of the information given in the declarations. Both activities are distinguished according to the time line of the evaluated claim. Validation applies to claims with respect to an intended future use or a projected outcome (confirmation of plausibility), while verification applies to claims with respect to events that have already occurred or results that have already been obtained (confirmation of veracity).

The accreditation scheme for validation and verification assesses the requirements for the competence, consistent operation and impartiality of validation and verification bodies to issue a decision as to whether a claim is in conformity (or not) with the initially specified requirements, where the body needs to gather information and develop a thorough understanding regarding compliance with those requirements. 


The accreditation scheme is aimed at validation and verification bodies for claims made by organizations in different sectors. 

Initially the scheme covers validation and verification for environmental claims under ISO 14065:2020 “General principles and requirements for bodies performing validation and verification of environmental information”, specifically for greenhouse gas claims, validation and verification are performed by bodies according to ISO 14064-3, in different industrial sectors.

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