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Medical Laboratory Accreditation

Medical Laboratory Accreditation.

If you are a laboratory that provides testing services such as neonatal screening, hemogram, uroanalysis, coproanalysis, immunoassays, DNA sequencing, blood analysis, glucose, PCR, among others, this accreditation service is for you. It will give you the possibility to raise your service to a high level of reliability and accuracy to your customers, with the support of the international recognition of ONAC. It also gives you the advantage that the results delivered by your laboratory will be accepted in the member countries of the ILAC MRA agreements.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a laboratory that performs analysis with quality and with all the technical knowledge in clinical tests, at the top of this section or in our Official Accreditation Directory organizations, you can consult the list of Medical Laboratory Accreditation.

Diana Milena
Jacome Molina
Sectorial Coordinator for Clinical and Testing Laboratories

Chemist, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia.

Master in Agricultural Sciences, National University of Colombia at Bogota.

Specialization in applied statistics from Los Libertadores University.

Expert in physicochemical analysis of food, water and pharmaceutical laboratories. Analysis of natural contaminants and bromatological analysis for quality assurance and safety in animal feed.

Linked to ONAC since 2019 in the position of Sectoral Coordinator of Testing and Clinical Laboratories

Professor for 3 years at the College of Natural Sciences of the Central University in the areas of chemistry, analytical chemistry, biogeochemistry and environmental chemistry

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The services provided by Medical Laboratory Accreditation are essential for patient care and for any health system because their results are the main input for medical decision making. For this reason, in ONAC, we have prepared ourselves to have the technical competence to meet the accreditation requests of the laboratories that perform tests related to the sector and thus contribute to strengthening the quality infrastructure of the country.


In the accreditation scheme of Medical Laboratory Accreditation, we assess the technical competence for the performance of tests under the compliance of the requirements of the ISO 15189 standard. The fulfillment of all its requirements allows us to guarantee that the Medical Laboratory Accreditation have a management system, the necessary infrastructure, competent personnel, and the necessary equipment. Thus, in the end, the patients have the security and confidence in the clinical results and the subsequent medical diagnosis derived from them. Thanks to the multilateral recognition agreements of which ONAC is part, these results are recognized in Colombia and internationally.


In ONAC we have been concerned in recent years to cover all the market needs. Today, we have the technical capacity to run assessments in several disciplines, such as clinical bacteriology, biochemistry, hemostasis, immunology, genetics, hematology, mycology, parasitology, pathology, virology, mycology and virology. Other services or disciplines such as clinical physiology, diagnostic imaging, and medical physics could also make use of this scheme.

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  • Clinical Laboratories ISO 15189

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