Fairness Management
Fairness Management


Version: 2
Type: Guidelines
Addressed to: ONAC
COD.1.1-01 (es)


Version: 03
Type: Codes
Addressed to: ONAC
COD 1.0-02 (es)


Version: 02
Type: Codes
Addressed to: ONAC

Impartiality Management

ONAC is organized and operates in such a way as to safeguard the objectivity and impartiality of its activities, and to this end identifies and manages risks, including risks to impartiality.

ONAC makes its services available to all applicants whose accreditation applications fall within the areas of activity defined with respect to international standards and the limitations defined in its policies, in document RAC-3.0-01 Accreditation Service Rules defined, in R-AC-3.0-02 Fees for Accreditation Services and in R-AC-3.0-03 Regulations for the use of the Accredited and/or Associate Symbols. Access is not conditioned by ONAC membership, the size of the applicant CAB or its participation as a member of a particular association or group, and accreditation is not conditioned by the number of CAB already accredited by ONAC.

All ONAC staff and committees that may have influence on the accreditation process act objectively and are free from any undue commercial, financial, or other pressures that may compromise their impartiality.  ONAC ensures that each accreditation decision is made by one or more competent persons who are members of the Accreditation Committee and different from those who carried out the evaluation.

ONAC does not offer or provide services that affect its impartiality, such as:

  • Those conformity assessment services performed by CAB; or
  • Consulting and advice to Conformity Assessment Bodies.

ONAC’s structure and the accreditation decision-making procedure adopted by ONAC in its Statutes ensure objectivity, confidentiality, impartiality and independence in accreditation procedures, as in all the activities carried out by this corporation, oriented towards an integrated management, with ethical principles and values, accepting recommendations aimed at improving the behavior of the entity in relation to the different stakeholders.

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